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Tying & Fishing Stillwater Flies with Brian Chan

Tying & Fishing Stillwater Flies with Brian Chan

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Brian Chan. A stillwater master reveals his secrets! Featuring 12 proven patterns with tips, tricks & techniques to successfully fish stillwaters. Learn to tie flies such as: Pregnant Gammarus Shrimp, Flash-Backed Scud, Peacock Water Boatman, & 9 more. 120 min.

List $19.95      Price $17.95

Featured Flies:
Pregnant Gammarus Shrimp
Flash-backed Scud
Peacock Water Boatman
Las Vegas Leech
Deepwater Leech
Black & Red Sparkle Blend Leech
Green & Red Midge Larva
Summer Duck Chironomid Pupa
Red Butt-Red Brown Chironomid Pupa
Maroon Chironomid Bomber
Clearwater Callibaetis Mayfly Nymph
Baby Damselfly Nymph
Mature Damselfly Nymph
Stillwater Caddis Pupa
Stillwater Caddis Emerger

In this comprehensive 2 hour DVD, acclaimed stillwater master Brian Chan opens his fly box revealing some of his favorite stillwater secrets.

Watch Brian at the tying bench explain and demonstrate why proper material selection is such a key component of any successful stillwater fly pattern. Learn Brian's unique tying tricks, tools & techniques he incorporates into each pattern, including the Turbo Dubbing Block. Brian explains a wealth of presentation techniques and tactics to use for each pattern so fly fishers know what to do with each fly the next time they venture out onto their favorite lake. This DVD is a must-have for anyone wishing to unlock the secrets of fly fishing stillwaters.

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